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Friday, April 2, 2010

Bangalore: Scientists at Tel Aviv University have developed a new security system for Internet using a special laser that will help in keeping hackers' prying eyes off for good. It is developed using fiber optic and computer technology that transmits binary lock-and-key information in the form of light pulses. Dr. Jacob Scheue, who came up with this device, said that a shared key code can be unlocked by the sender and receiver, and absolutely nobody else. "Rather than developing the lock or the key, we've developed a system which acts as a type of key bearer. The trick is for those at either end of the fibre optic link to send different laser signals they can distinguish between, but which look identical to an eavesdropper." Adding to that, he said, "We've already published the theoretical idea and now have developed a preliminary demonstration in my lab. Once both parties have the key they need, they could send information without any chance of detection. We were able to demonstrate that, if it's done right, the system could be absolutely secure. Even with a quantum computer of the future, a hacker couldn't decipher the key.

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